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Shiva and Shakti Yogas

Shiva meanwhile is the essence or inner nature behind Shakti, not a separate principle. In our outer manifestation, we are Shiva and Shakti under limitation, with a limited understanding of Self and a limited capacity for creative action.

In our inner nature ,we are Shiva and Shakti unbounded, with an unlimited understanding and unlimited capacity for creative action. The Supreme Shiva has its special primary powers or Shaktis. The first is Sat-Shakti , the power of Sat or pure Being.

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The power of Shiva to be what he is. From that root Sat-Shakti five higher Shaktis manifest. They are the three manifestations of Shakti as Ananda, which is the cause of all manifestation. Shiva and Shakti Yogas work to manifest these higher powers of Shiva, through which our Shiva nature is revealed. Will, knowledge and action also refer to Shiva as the experiencer will , Shakti as the experience knowledge , and the universe as the object of experience action.

They are also Shiva as the seer will , Shakti as the power of seeing knowledge , and the object seen action. Yogic approaches can follow primarily a Shiva orientation or what could be called Shiva Yoga , or a Shakti approach or what could be called Shakti Yoga. Or they can combine the two to various degrees as Shiva-Shakti Yoga. Generally Shiva and Shakti Yogas always go together to some degree. Shakti takes us to Shiva as her goal.

Shiva unfolds Shakti as his power of guidance and grace. Shakti Yoga consists primarily of Yoga practices of pranayama, mantra and meditation relative to different forms and energies of the Goddess as discussed in Tantric teachings like Sri Vidya , Dasha Mahavidya Ten Wisdom Forms of the Goddess , or Devi Mahatmya. Here we will examine the main factors behind Shiva and Shakti Yogas overall.

Shiva Yoga cultivates such Shiva-based qualities, attitudes, and energies as steadiness, stillness, peace, and quiescence. It emphasizes inaction, withdrawal, and silence, not as the mere cessation of energy but as its internalization for transformation. Shiva Yoga is primarily a Yoga of being Shiva, rather than of doing something to arrive at the state of Shiva.


Dear Elders, Today while beating the dust at home, I got an old book written by Sri K.K Pathak, he discusses Mahashakti Yoga formed by Rahu. Vedic astrology is very ancient, but from then on till the present era vedic astrology This isa classic case of Mars - Venus influence on Rahu and.

This allies it primarily with Jnana Yoga or the Yoga of Knowledge as a cultivation of awareness, inquiry and insight, rather than technique, method or practice. It often follows a path of world negation, renunciation or hermitage in nature. Relative to practices and techniques, Shiva Yoga involves working with Shakti as the power of action, particularly relative to Raja Yoga.

Shakti is the power and process of Shiva Yoga. Shakti Yoga cultivates Shakti energy as transformation, play, and expression.

It works through creativity, bliss, and ecstasy extending into all forms of art and culture. It is primarily a Yoga of awakening the Shakti within us and letting the flow of Shakti guide us on our path. Shakti Yoga employs a variety of techniques, practices, images, and actions but emphasizing the inner energy over the outer form. Shakti Yoga does not always have fixed forms or fixed techniques, but emphasizes the adaptation of form according to and force that ultimately resides beyond all forms.

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It proceeds more through inspiration than through technique, though it may employ many methods. The formless inner orientation of Shakti Yoga is its Shiva point or Shiva bindu. Shiva Yoga often follows the way of Self-inquiry, similar to Advaita Vedanta, diving directly into the transcendent reality of Shiva within the spiritual heart as the unitary truth. It can also develop through a devotional surrender to Shiva as the Divine essence of all. It also proceeds through a devotional surrender to Shakti in various forms of the Goddess or Divine Mother.

Shakti Yoga leads us to the state of Shiva awareness, while Shiva Yoga leads us to absorption in the highest Shakti or inherent power of Pure Being itself. As the energy of Shakti unfolds, it will take us to the state of total transformation that is the stillness of Shiva. Yoga practice is a type of empowerment or development of Shakti to take us to pure consciousness, pure light, or the state of enlightenment that is Shiva.

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Shiva is the Lord of Yoga, and Shakti is his power of Yoga practice. All Yoga is ultimately Shiva-Shakti Yoga.

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Shiva and Shakti are present together in every aspect of existence, pervading and reflecting one another on every level. Once we recognize this all life becomes Yoga for us.

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My Account. March 11, The Meaning Of Durga No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does I. Shankara, the Great Yogi Shankaracharya, or Adi Shankara the teacher, is one of the greatest spiritu. Discovering the Secret Power of Hanuman However, Shiva and Shakti are one and inseparable.

This is just like in a painting, where we not distinguish between the canvas stillness and the paint dynamism.

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Shakti is supposed to carry out 5 principle functions. Of these the one most relevant to the Maha Shakti Yoga practitioner is the principle of revelation. It is also called the Guru principle.


It can be said that the whole Zodiac is the horoscope of the Divine Mother, or the map lies in opposition to Cancer: there Prakriti, here Paraprakriti, or Mahashakti. Op maandag gaat de DD uit het water voor een nieuwe laag onderwaterverf. Withh Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to boost or decrease contrast, brightness, huge, and even color intensity. A further blessing is to be able to be accompanied by inspiring yoga teachers and yoga soul mates who help her advance on this path. It proceeds more through inspiration than through technique, though it may employ many methods.

The Guru is perceived as the vehicle of this meaning and purpose by initiating the Maha Shakti Yoga process. By way of this process, the guru makes a more direct connection to the Supreme energy possible.

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Viewed from a realistic point of view, Maha Shakti Yoga is a simple, down-to-earth approach to everyday life. The principles are based on living a life in way that you are not overpowered or overwhelmed by it. Rather, you learn to view and take in daily life situations as opportunities for growth. Moreover, you get chances for spiritual development. In the practice of Maha Shakti Yoga, they are never taken as obstacles.

Sooner or later, the differences and dissimilarities between spiritual and worldly life fall away.