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Horoscope Matching - Kundali Matching For Marriage

The app is accurate, well presented with a good UI, covers basics of Vedic astrology without being too bloated and detailed, and for some reason has uncannily accurate descriptions and predictions for a software based system. Thank you so much AstroSage - and kudos for not giving in to greed and to the commercialization of astrology! Creators of Cosmic insights another popular app should learn from you!

KP Astrology Software

Right now the app will only allow you to view transits for the present day only. After Google, this has to be the most selfless application. They never pester you to buy anything and just keep helping you out without ever seeking anything from you. I have been benefitting from them for last many years and hope to repay them one day.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

God Bless them. I have been following this app for years.. I generally keep my mouth shut when there is a hint about family problems or issues predicted on monthly predictions and most of the time it saves me in preventing major fights or escalating officially or personally..

I definitely recommend this app..

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This software can certainly give you an idea for important events and moments in life. It will be important for an astrologer to know this technique as it minimizes the difference between the predictions. This software from Birthastro is based on the technique of astrological science which was invented by Late Shri Krishnamurti in order to revolutionize predictions in Vedic Astrology.

It is a simplest technique to predict an event accurately.

Earlier, astrologer find difficultly in predicting the certainty of an event. So, Shri Krishnamurti invented this technique to simplify the work for astrology.

What is Marriage Compatibility ?

KP system is also called to be a modernized form of Vedic Astrology. There are 12 zodiac signs in KP astrology which are also called Rashi. Each one of them corresponds to some planet. The complete sky is considered as a circle and all the 12 planets are supposed to revolve around this circle. Since the complete degrees of the circle is divided into 12 Rashi each of the zodiac signs gets 30 degrees of angle.

Each zodiac sign is further divided into 27 stars or Nakshatra which equally share that degree angle of the planet and hence each star subtends 13 degrees 20 minutes of angle to the center of the circle.


Now comes the most important part which is highly significant in the KP system of astrology, that is sub-lords. Each of the star or Nakshatra is further divided into 9 divisions and each of these divisions has some lord which is set to reside in that division.

This lord is called sub-lord of that division.

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This concept of sub-lords is the main core of KP astrology. Each of the planets has different properties but stars or Nakshatra are considered more powerful in KP astrology as they have stronger magnetic waves. The basic idea of preparing the chart in KP astrology is inspired from Bhava Chalit chart which is a highly used chart in Vedic astrology.

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Almost all the rules for preparing the chart in KP astrology are the same as that of Vedic astrology. A comprehensive view of life span, progeny, finances, love and harmony to be analysed apart from just compatibility of partners. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search.

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KSK, I like to furnish herewith my method of marriage matching that a KP astrologer can follow. • When everything is destined, is it possible for. This online KP horoscope software helps you to calculate accurate KP birth chart along with predictions. KP astrology is invented by Shri K.S. Krishna Murthy.

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